Carac the Infidel

There was nothing but the glow of his hand-rolled cigarillo in the vast darkness. He sighed, took another drag, and bemusedly watched as the tip burned ever more orange. As much as he’d like to feign boredom, Carac was enjoying the peace for once. A stiff wind blew across his face and he welcomed it, … More Carac the Infidel

Thinking Too Much

“I wonder what he/she’s thinking about.” I’m fairly certain that thought has rolled through everyone’s mind a few thousand times in their life in regards to their partner, and for good reason. Communication is always the fire-breathing dragon keeping you from the saving the princess (and consequently the world, queue applause). Though it affects everyone to … More Thinking Too Much

Kid Dynasty

Originally posted on •Atomic Sky Reviews•:
This article is the first in a series that will endeavor to pay homage and raise awareness to one of the most under recognized and under appreciated musical dynasties in punk and hardcore. This musical lineage, not unlike the great crime families of the early to mid twentieth century,…