Carac the Infidel

There was nothing but the glow of his hand-rolled cigarillo in the vast darkness. He sighed, took another drag, and bemusedly watched as the tip burned ever more orange. As much as he’d like to feign boredom, Carac was enjoying the peace for once. A stiff wind blew across his face and he welcomed it, closing his eyes the way he used to when he was a kid. While absently stroking his beard (it was getting longer every day), his all-black eyes suddenly shifted in surprise and he dove under a fallen log. An arrow narrowly missed him, his forehead the obvious target. “Can I get a fucking break here?” he muttered, eyes scanning the darkness. He grabbed his gnarled, twisted staff to his right and four bright bluish-white orbs appeared near him. Grabbing them and dispersing them in a square, the forest in front of him was now brilliantly lit, as was the current member of the Ka-Tet attempting to steal his life from him. She froze, eyes widened and looking at the harmless orbs. Carac stood, and calmly walked towards her. “Tenna, if you leave now I will let you live. I can’t make any promises if another arrow in your quiver flies toward me.” Upon hearing his voice, she regained a bit more confidence and sneered at him.

“You’re a fucking coward and a defector, Carac! I won’t give up because you have a few magic tricks now.” In one quick graceful motion, she grabbed a dagger from her foot holster and stabbed at him with alarming, adept speed. Carac dodged to the left and began muttering Abyssal, summoning his necrotic spell Chill Touch. Eyes widening again, she dropped her dagger this time and began to run. The earth beneath her began to shake, and a few small plants even began to sink into the ground. Tenna yelped in fear and began running faster.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Carac whispered fiercely, concentrating with all of his might. A crack in the Earth appeared in front of her, blue light emanating from it. An unearthly, terrifying moan escaped from the crack, and before Tenna could run any further, a skeletal hand broke through and ripped through her body. She just stood there, held in place by the larger than life, ghostly apparition. Blood dripped from the huge gash, then slowly stopped as her insides froze. Carac saw this in exquisite detail thanks to his Dancing Lights spell. He grimaced as hand slowly eased out of Tenna and slid without another sound towards the crack in the Earth. He tamped his staff on the ground and the lights rushed towards him, combining to create one light. He dimmed that light as it hovered just above his staff.

He walked towards her corpse, now completely frozen. “I hate this part, I think I always will,” Carac said to no one in particular. No one in particular, only because it was him and a corpse that he just created. The forest was incredibly still, almost sepulchral.  He lifted her body and began inspecting it for the Ka-Tet tattoo that every assassin has in this gods-forsaken gang. He locates it on her delicate wrist, and conjures a tiny flame with his left hand. Slowly, carefully (he’s learned to be careful because of his ample red beard), he lowers the flames and expertly burns the tattoo off. Barbaric, yes; this is the only way that the Ka-Tet will understand that he will never stop.

“You see, Lord Crudak,” Carac spat with venom. He replaced his hood on his bald head, eyes narrowing. “You think you are chasing me, but I am biding my time. You’ll find out much too late that I am the aggressor.”


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