Kid Dynasty

•Atomic Sky Reviews•

This article is the first in a series that will endeavor to pay homage and raise awareness to one of the most under recognized and under appreciated musical dynasties in punk and hardcore. This musical lineage, not unlike the great crime families of the early to mid twentieth century, has a Don, Family and Affiliates. The Don’s seat in this particular family is occupied by the band Kid Dynamite. The rest of the family includes (in no particular order), Paint It Black, None More Black, The Loved Ones, LaGrecia, Armalite and a series of solo acts. The family affiliates include but are not limited to Kill Your Idols, H2O, Municipal Waste, No Friends, No Redeeming Social Value and the Explosion. But in order to understand the Kid Dynamite lineage, we must first start at the source, the proverbial country from which the Don immigrated. This family was created from the…

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